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Software and documentation for a quick start with INSIKA

The start into INSIKA technique is easy. Everyone with basic computer knowledge can follow the essential operations. There is no special knowledge needed for the usage and evaluation of the system.

The INSIKA team provides a full demonstration system. By the demo system you will be able to generate signed transaction data and verify this data.

You can download the software at no cost. All you need is an INSIKA smart card (“TIM”). The TIM will be personalised and a digital certificate will be generated, based on your given information.

Here you are able to download the software and documentation:

      Version    Language    TIM
INSIKA Quickstart Guide       en   no   Download
KassSim (simulator of a cash register)           en / de   yes   Download
IVM (INSIKA verification software)   0.49   de   no   Download
TIM Browser   1.0.3   de   yes   Download

Please have a look on the next page on how to order INSIKA smart cards: